Can Men Wear Yoga Pants?

Let’s be honest fellas, at one point or another, we’ve all wanted to try on a pair of yoga pants.

There comes a time when you’ve been practicing yoga for a while and your cycling shorts or boardies just don’t cut it anymore. We’ve seen the girls effortlessly rocking them, and they look so damn comfy. But surely they wouldn’t look good on guys? I mean how would we deal with “the bulge”?

Well i’m happy to report fellas, that yoga pants for men are absolutely a thing – and they’re every bit as comfortable as you think!

Let’s discuss.

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The Benefits

  • Comfort like you wouldn’t believe. The closest thing you get to being naked in public.
  • Complete flexibility in your poses. In the sense that you’re not hindered by your clothes.. they don’t give you superpowers.
  • They help you find grip in certain poses. Tired of your knees slipping off your elbows in Crow Pose? Problem solved.
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking fabric – perfect for hot yoga.
  • Great for running, biking, strength training, and just about any activity/sport.
  • In fact, you can wear them all day if you like.

Compression Tights vs Yoga Pants

It’s not much of a stretch (pun intended) to go from now socially acceptable compression tights to yoga pants. We probably have Under Armour to thank for it, but most gyms these days will be full of guys wearing compression tights. Nobody bats an eyelid at those anymore, so how are yoga pants any different?

They’re not.

Not in any major sense anyway. Where compression garments are designed to apply pressure to the body, and they’re great for explosive movements like weight lifting and sprinting. Yoga pants on the other hand, are designed to move freely with the body. Their tightness is more just to keep them out of your way than to bring any benefit.

The Fit

The fit is super important, but there’s more than one way to wear a pair of yoga pants. Finding the right pair is a good start.

If Vinyasa is your jam, you might want a close fit to make sure there’s no fabric to get in your way. For this, you could go full-on yoga leggings/tights or you could grab a pair like the Namoustache pants from OHHME.

They have a close fit, but they’re don’t apply any pressure, keeping you free, easy and comfortable. They’re generally good all-rounders: they look smart, they feel great and they’re really well made. Or their Dharma pants are looser and fuller – like the yoga version of joggers. Check out the full reviews of both men’s yoga pants here.

Failing that, if you’re not quite ready to proudly display your junk for the world to see. You can always just put a pair of shorts on over the top. They’ll maintain your modesty and help you blend in a little more.

The Verdict

Yoga pants are great, but I understand that they’re also fairly pricey – especially from the big brands. Whether you can justify them or not is entirely down to you. Fortunately, the choice is so much better these days, so at least you have a range of looks and price options available to you.

Are they necessary?

No, you can absolutely manage without them.

Are they worth the investment?

Yes, in my opinion, they definitely are.

They’re just that – an investment. They are built to last, and can really help you in your practice. Especially if you’re used to baggy board shorts or you’re a heavy sweater. 

Honestly, I love them because they’re an expression of the yoga culture I love to be a part of. They’re comfortable, functional, they look great and they show the world who I am. 

You do you fellas.

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  1. I am about to buy some. I love them and like you said they look so comfortable! I am married with 5 kids so I could care less what people say. I’m gonna rock them !

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