A Man’s Guide to the 12 Most Popular Yoga Styles

Confused about all the different types of yoga on your studio’s schedule? You’re not the only one.  There are so many yoga styles out there, it’s hard to know which is right for you. But that doesn’t mean there’s just one, there could be many.  Probably not Dog Yoga though, I’m not convinced anybody needs that.. Different styles cater to […]

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Should You Warm up Before Yoga?

When it comes to sports and activities, we all know that warming up is vital for peak performance and injury prevention. But with yoga, it can seem a little counter-intuitive to warm up for a practice that is already gently warming by nature. It’s a sort of chicken and egg question: “Do I warm up before […]

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10 Male Instagram Yogis to Watch in 2018

Tell me guys, what’s your Instagram feed looking like these days? For me, seeing the same old Insta shots of coffees and cats gets boring real fast, but yoga – now there’s something worth sticking around for. Yoga’s taking over Instagram, one handstand at a time. If you’re in need of a quick hit of inspiration […]

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Can Men Wear Yoga Pants?

Let’s be honest fellas, at one point or another, we’ve all wanted to try on a pair of yoga pants. There comes a time when you’ve been practicing yoga for a while and your cycling shorts or boardies just don’t cut it anymore. We’ve seen the girls effortlessly rocking them, and they look so damn comfy. […]

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Yoga and Weight Training: Can They Work Together?

Yoga and weight training. Two very different practices, two very different results. Can they work together to form something better? Are they greater than the sum of their parts? In this article, we’ll discuss exactly that, along with tips and methods on how to combine those practices. Quick Navigation: What You’ll Learn in This Guide Why Combine Yoga […]

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