The Best Yoga Mats for Men of all Sizes

The humble yoga mat, it’s the one piece of equipment you really need to practice yoga – so you want to make sure you get the right one for you.

But how do you decide which one?

We come in all different shapes and sizes, and as men, we face our own unique challenges on the mat. We’re often a whole lot bigger, heavier and sweatier than the average yogini, but armed with the right mat, we can overcome any issue.

At 5, 8′ tall, I can’t say I’ve ever had the problem of outgrowing any of my mats over the years. But as I’ve practiced around the world, I’ve tried my fair share of mats, and they’re not created equal. 

That’s why I’ve put together this rock-solid list of mats for men of all sizes.

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What Makes a Mat Good for Men?


If you’re larger, taller or you just want that extra room to spread your limbs, you’ll want a mat with more generous dimensions than the norm. 


Grip is super important for anyone looking to practice hot yoga. Plus, if you’re a high-octane sweater, you’ll need a sticky mat for everyday practice.


You’re going to wear through that mat a whole lot faster if you’re a 300lb guy vs a 120lb yogini. So you’re going to want a mat that can handle regular use.

Manduka Pro – Best for Cushioning and Durability

The Manduka Pro is the Beyonce of the yoga mat world. It’s luxuriously soft, beautifully made and it’s been in the business for a very long time.

Manduka are so confident with this thing, they offer a lifetime warranty.

That’s right, you could be down-dogging on a Manduka mat till you’re old and grey, and you’ll only pay once. So you can be certain this mat is built to last!

One thing the Manduka has in spades – is cushioning. At 6mm thick, this mat is luxuriously soft underfoot. For the older or heavier gentleman, who’s likely to feel that hard floor through his knees, this mat is a solid choice. Your joints will thank you!

It’s wider than your average mat too, ensuring those knees are still on the mat, even in wide-legged child’s pose.

The Manduka Pro opts for an ultra-dense PVC material rather than natural rubber or polyurethane. This gives it a completely different texture, closer to a fabric. I found it comfortable to the touch, but it hasn’t quite got the gripping power of its tackier competitors. Though it’s common to hear about “breaking in” a Manduka mat, so given some time, the surface might improve.

> Shop the Manduka Pro.


  • Superior cushioning and comfort
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Eco-friendly build and materials


  • This thing is built like a tank, it’s heavy
  • There are mats better suited to hot yoga

Liforme Yoga Mat – Best for Grip and Alignment

This is the full bells-and-whistles option and I love it.

It’s the mat of choice for yoga teachers all over the world, but it’s equally suited for beginners.

The smart, minimalist geometric design with practical alignment markers keep you centred and in alignment. It’s a nice touch, and a great way to nail down the accuracy of your poses. Perfect for keeping that pesky back foot at the right angle in Warrior poses.

With generous dimensions (185cm long x 68cm wide) it’s bigger and wider than most other mats. It can accommodate men of all sizes, so there should be no limbs poking off this one. 

At 4.2mm thick, it hits the sweet spot of well-cushioned, without being bulky. Making it great for vigorous practices by giving you just enough cushioning before it starts to affect stability in standing poses. 

Made from a natural rubber base and polyurethane surface, it combines the best of eco-friendly and high-performance materials.

This thing grips like a champion in the wet and the dry. If hot yoga is your jam, this is your mat.

> Shop the Liforme Yoga Mat.


  • Smart, minimalist design
  • Helpful alignment system
  • Generous dimensions
  • Solid grip in the wet and the dry
  • Eco-friendly
  • Nicely cushioned


  • It’s certainly not cheap

Heathyoga Mat – Best for Your Wallet

If you like the look of the Liforme, but you’re (understandably) not ready to drop that kind of dollar on a yoga mat, the Heathyoga Mat is a great budget alternative.

At 6mm thick, with a double layer construction – it’s kind of like the Manduka Pro and the Liforme Mat had a baby.

It has it’s own alignment system, generous dimensions (only slightly smaller than the Liforme) and a textured surface for extra grip.

For those dipping their toes in the world of yoga, this mat is a great start. Though I wouldn’t expect it to hold up as well as the others, you may end up upgrading down the line anyway.

> Shop the Heathyoga Mat.


  • Great Value
  • Helpful alignment system
  • Generous dimensions
  • Good cushioning
  • Comes with carrying strap


  • Probably not as durable as the others
  • Textured grip isn’t for everyone

There you have it.

If you’re more my size, you might not think you need the bigger mat dimensions, better cushioning and super grippy surface, but they’re so nice to have anyway!

There are lots of other great mats out there, but these are my absolute favourites. 

What are yours?

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