The Best Online Yoga Classes: Tested and Reviewed

I think we can all agree that yoga classes are the cure for most of life’s problems, but life often gets in the way of making it to the studio. 

Whether you’re always having to pick up the kids, can’t find a local studio or just don’t like the idea of going just yet – it’s easy to chalk up classes as “not for you”. But in 2019, that’s no longer an excuse not to practice. Not when there’s so many great online options available.

There’s everything from no-nonsense yoga for athletes, to the “Netflix for spirituality”.  So whatever your preferred approach to yoga, there’s a service to suit.

The Contenders

  • Grokker – Yoga, fitness, and cooking videos to be a better you
  • Yoga Download – Take yoga anywhere
  • Gaia – Conscious media, streaming yoga videos and more
  • MyYogaWorks – YogaWorks for everybody
  • Man Flow Yoga – Functional yoga for fitness

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What Makes a Good Online Yoga Service?


Variety of teachers, classes, and intentions are key, not only to give your practice space to grow, but also to keep you interested and engaged. 


We’re long past the age of grainy videos and crackly audio. Only the highest-definition picture and sound will make the cut.


Online yoga is much cheaper than studio classes on average, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look to get the most for our money.

Compare Online Yoga Classes


Standard Cost

Content Volume

Content Quality

Standout Feature

Free Trial?


$14.99 p/month

4000+ videos


Expert-led platform



$12 p/month

1500+ videos


Download videos



$15 p/month

1200+ videos


Authentic studio atmosphere



$11.99 p/month

8000+ videos


Variety of spiritual content


Man Flow Yoga

$29.97 p/month

400+ videos


Fitness focus



Grokker, from the word “grok” meaning “to be transformed” (apparently). Don’t let the weird name fool you, Grokker is out kicking butts and taking names. Figuratively and literally. 

Grokker is more than just a yoga streaming site; it’s a fully-fledged wellness site. It takes a holistic approach to wellness, with 4000+ videos on everything from yoga, HIIT training, cooking, and everything in between.

Integrating with Fitbit and Apple Health and supported by a wide range of viewing devices – it’s a platform that takes full advantage of modern technology. 

There are over 130 experts in the online community that members are free to connect with. So you can get that real tailored advice that you might miss from classes in real life. 

There’s a 14 day free trial too, so it’s definitely worth a try. Or read the full Grokker review.


  • Unparalleled variety of classes and content
  • $15/month is a bargain for such a range
  • Integrates with modern wearables for effective health tracking
  • Communicate with experts and fellow wellness warriors in their interactive community


  • Only one membership type

Yoga Download

As the name and tagline suggest, the big advantage of Yoga Download is the ability to download yoga videos so you can watch them offline and on the move – and keep them forever!

​​​​For anyone with a poor internet connection or those who travel a lot, the download feature could be a real game changer.

Standard membership starts at just $12/month, which lets you download two classes per month, or go whole hog and get the Unlimited plan with unlimited streaming and downloads for $18/month.

Or try the whole thing out with a 2-week trial for just $1.

With 1500+ online yoga classes in every style you can think of and an active membership of over 200,000 people – if nothing else, they have some impressive numbers. They must be doing something right. Read the full review here.


  • Download feature is a game-changer
  • Huge volume of classes and styles
  • Good value
  • Large yoga music catalogue


  • The website is looking a little dated


MyYogaWorks was born from humble roots. 

YogaWorks, a well-known yoga studio in LA, decided to make their classes available to everyone with an internet connection.

The authentic studio feel is present in all of their classes, each and every one taught by actual YogaWorks teachers.  

Unfortunately, as of today, there are only five true yoga styles available (Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, Restorative and Acro), so variety is not a strong suit here.

On the plus side, they offer a completely free 14-day trial. After that, it’s $15 a month.


  • Free trial
  • Authentic studio classes
  • Can be packaged with real-life class membership if you’re local


  • Lacks variety in styles and classes 
  • Higher cost than others on the list
  • A lot of the videos are 30-second “intros”


Gaia, the “Netflix for spirituality,” is worthy of its nickname.

With the largest resource of consciousness-expanding videos, alongside a fantastic repertoire of online yoga classes, Gaia is a one-stop-shop for the modern yogi.

There’s a wide range of yoga on offer from some of the biggest names in yoga, like Rodney Yee and Faith Hunter. Between the varied yoga practices, exclusive films/documentaries, and daily new videos – you’ll never be short on content to engage with.

At just $11.99 a month (even less with a yearly subscription), Gaia is solid value for money. 


  • Huge variety of content
  • Great value for money


  • Some of the content is a bit “out there” for me, e.g., aliens and conspiracies

Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga differs from the others in this list not only because it’s selective about who it targets (men), but also about what and how it teaches.

“Functional yoga for fitness” is the Man Flow Yoga strapline, and it does exactly what is says on the tin.

If Gaia is the “Netflix for spirituality,” then Man Flow Yoga is the direct opposite – you’ll find no Sanskrit or Ohm chanting here.

Instead, you’ll find a large collection of strength-building flows, injury prevention routines, and sport-specific training for athletes. If you’re using yoga purely as a supplement for your training or sport, Man Flow Yoga has exactly what you need.

You can try for just $1, but after that you’ll need to get the yearly billed option to get the good value membership priced at $16.67 p/month (standard monthly membership is $29.97 p/month).


  • Very focused offering 
  • Strong community
  • Content caters to men’s challenges and goals 


  • Excessive standard monthly billing cost 
  • Additional costs for downloading videos
  • One dimensional

There really is something for everyone here, and the ways of learning yoga from home are getting better every day. This is by no means an exhaustive list, I’ll be continually reviewing and updating as online yoga classes come and go.

If there are any online yoga sites or services that you’re curious about, let me know in the comments below and I’ll look into reviewing them.

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