About - Yogi Goals

Hello! I'm Dan,

I'm the creator, editor and resident yogi here at Yogi Goals.

A former research scientist, I was converted from cynic to yogi at first Savasana. I was blown away by how good yoga could make me feel, both physically and mentally. 

After finding a lifestyle and a community that resonated with me, and a practice that opened doors I didn’t know existed, I wondered why more guys don’t do this? 

In fact, through this site, I'd like to change that. 

Yogi Goals is my way of sharing my knowledge and experience. I'm not a yoga teacher (yet), but I'm a guy who's practiced yoga for several years, with a range of teachers, in many different countries.

I know just what it's like to be the only guy at yoga class. To struggle in areas where the girls do not. I understand the pain points of being a guy trying to learn yoga. So this site is made to address those, and to educate and inspire more men to take up yoga.

My Story

My yoga journey started five years ago, after many months of weight training and not enough stretching. I was a mess of muscle impingement's, fused tissues and knots. Yoga had always interested me, and I figured it might help – so I signed up for a beginners class.

I'll never forget that first practice.. I was useless. Stiff as a board and lacking any and all grace. But, I left feeling alive, energised and disproportionately happy. I couldn't explain it, but I knew I wanted more. Six months later, my body was almost completely free of damage and I'd found a passion that I loved and absolutely had to explore. I went to at least 3 or 4 classes a week in my first year, started a home practice. I couldn't get enough. 

At this point, I'd love to say I kept up my rigorous practice and now I'm an expert yoga teacher. But that'd be too much of a cliché story, and it's simply not true. Truth is, I ended up quitting my pharma job and going travelling around Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia for nearly 3 years. One of the few regrets of my travels was that I wasn't able to maintain my practice at that level.

So physically, now I'm practically back at square one – and that's okay.

This site isn't about me preaching, it's about me sharing. I plan to share my expertise from my science background, along with my experience of yoga practices and healthy living. Hopefully, you'll learn something from my experiences and be inspired to do the same.