Hey there yogis, welcome to Yogi Goals!

Your guide to navigating the weird and wonderful waters of yoga in the 21st century.

When I took up yoga, I quickly noticed how few guys were in my classes. I also noticed that same lack of male representation online. Women have a seemingly endless supply of yoga celebrities, role-models and gurus to follow - and that's great. Sadly the same isn't true for men, so I thought I'd create a space online where I can share my experiences as a yogi, and where others can too.

Now I'm certainly not touting myself as a celebrity, guru or expert when it comes to yoga. Quite the opposite really. I want all the men out there to see that regular guys do yoga too, and just maybe that'll help them consider trying it too.

Who am I?

My name is Dan Jones, serial passion explorer and master of nothing in particular.

Professionally speaking, I'm a former research scientist turned digital marketer. Personally speaking, I'm a health and fitness nut, aspiring yogi and all round geek.

I found yoga 5 years ago, after years of weight lifting and damaging my body. I was a mess of muscle impingement's, fused tissues and knots. After just 6 months of yoga practice, my body was almost completely free of damage and I'd found a passion that I loved and found fascinating.

I went to at least 3 or 4 classes a week in my first year - I couldn't get enough. At this point, I'd love to say I kept up my practice and now I'm an expert yoga teacher. But that'd be too much of a cliche story, and it's simply not true.

Truth is, I ended up quitting my pharma job and going travelling around Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia for nearly 3 years. One of the few regrets of my travels was that I wasn't able to maintain my practice.

So now I'm back at square one - and that's okay

In this blog, I plan to share my expertise from my science background, along with my experience of yoga practices and healthy living.

I hope to break down the barriers to yoga, smash social stereotypes and to empower men to own their yoga practice. The blog will document my yoga journey from beginner to hopefully teacher one day. You'll see my progress throughout the journey, along with my wins and my mistakes.

I'm here to show you just whats possible when you apply yourself and make positive changes to your life. Hopefully, you'll learn something from my experiences and be inspired to do the same.